Monday, February 10, 2014

Momma Don't Take My Grit Away

My grit is my scarlet lettered badge of honor.
It is the cross I scrape across the pavement
It is a boulder sized shoulder chip.
My grit is what I rub in your face when
You ignore my loud suffering.
My grit is my oh so pretty brand..
She has become incidental.
My grit has become soul powered,
Sending out puny waves of rage.

Momma Don't Take My Grit Away.
Momma Don't Take My Grit Away.
Momma Don't Take My Grit Away
From Me---ee--ee.

My grit grows exponentially with each
Retelling of things that befell me.
Glorious feats of fraudulent motherhood.
My grit lays out a magnificent feast
of falsehoods,elaborate lies I slurp up.
If it weren't for this self betrayal,
I would collapse in anguish
My grit isolates and insulates.
My grit nails me to a wall..  
Allowing me to rejuvenate.
So I can survive to equivocate
yet another day.

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