Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Differently Deranged God of Special Ed Gathers Her Children About Her

The differently deranged god of Special Ed
gathers her children about her.
She laughs heartily.
She teaches them steadfastness.
She teaches them the art of surprise.
She teaches them that others will blink
and miss
their brilliance.
She councils them
Only reveal through fanned out feathers  .
Glimpses of your incandescent selves.

She tells them,
Others  will call you imbecile.
Others will call you idiot.
Still others will call you mental.
They will even call you retard.

She whispers consolingly
You transcend labels
they need
to compensate for their
vastly underdeveloped sense making skills.

Give no heed to those puny hearted souls,
who will never grasp that
you are more fully human than they will ever be.
While they puzzle out the mundane,
You shine. Divinely.

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