Saturday, December 26, 2015

What Does A Jew Know From Christmas

What does a Jew know from Christmas?
Her colorful candles do not pass muster.
Her dolly doesn't come from Santa.
No reindeer or jolly elves grace their house.
Chanukah carols aren't sung around a tree.
The silent night ridicules this child,
Yearning to not be an outsider.

A young woman peers in the window.
Her camelesque nose pressed against the glass,
Blurry flashbacks to some '50s myth,
A Donna Reed Father Knows Beaver blend.
Baby Jesus is hung next to the chimney with care.
Dinner is a potsticker on a pita.
But now she enjoys the solitude.

She journeys  to Cloud Nine. Eager to explore
His love for Christmas as well as for her.
She realizes she never missed much
His expansive love and generous spirit
Teaches being present means more than presents.
The night's silence is holy, calm and bright.
And that's what this Jew knows about Christmas.


  1. Coming from a multiply-published poet, this is good, Deb.

  2. I love those last four lines the most. Not only is "Christmas" shoved down people's throats, it's also done so commercially. Love the "presence" and "expansive love" imagery. @michellek07

  3. Thanks, Michelle. I hope it's understood that I'm talking about my wonderful husband. I always had trouble with all commercialization. I used to ramble on to my mom when we would be shopping at a department store. I think she chose to ignore me.