Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mister, I Come Weaponless

Mister, I come weaponless.
No coy mistress am I.
I pick pearls from your beautiful pink heart.
I place them in a pristine basket.

How can I tell you, mister,
you have no reason to fear.
How can I tell you mister,
You have no reason to doubt.
How can I tell you, mister,
I am who I say I am.
No more. No less.

I tell you, mister,
I am your haven.
I am your harbor.
I am your inlet.
I am your every port.

I am shatterproof.
Even so I am filled with shards
and other sharpnesses.
Sharp tongue, soft heart.

I embrace a multitude of shimmering yous.
Mathematically you are awe's sum.
I have no language, mister,
to explain that particular equation.

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